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Clinical Trials

Be a part of the future of medical treatments by participating in a late phase outpatient paid clinical trial through our sister company, Ark Clinical Research. With over twenty years of experience and more than 800 successful clinical trials, virtually every antihistamine and nasal spray and over 80% of all asthma medicines on the market today have been studied through Ark Clinical Research. And we were one of the lead clinical researchers on COVID-19 and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to help researchers move new, better treatments forward. You will also get access to therapy options otherwise not available. You'll receive close, regular monitoring of your condition throughout the study... and you will receive compensation.

Learn more about clinical trials on the Ark Clinical Research What to Expect page:

And check out our current list of available studies to see if you qualify:

For more information, give us a call or click on the Quick Sign-Up button below. Help us develop tomorrow's treatments by participating in one of our paid clinical trials today. Nothing could be more rewarding. So let's go.

Get rewarded.

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